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How to Choose the Best Writing My Life Story App?


Storytelling is and has been an important part of our lives. We learn through stories. Our mind is programmed to understand the concepts of life by stories. And this is what is exploited the best by writing my life story app. Stories are a very important part of sharing our knowledge, wisdom, and legacy. 

Now, the question is how to select the best family life app to document your life story and happenings. You can reach out to friends and family if someone has done that before. You should also read the reviews that have been posted by people who have used the app before. It will provide you an idea about whether the app is good or not and whether it is worth downloading the same.

Story Telling Apps Come With Different Features

There are so many different apps that are available for Android or Apple devices. These apps have varied features that can make storytelling fun and interesting. With the writing my story app, you can add what all important things took place in your life and this will build a story out of the same. You can share the story with as many people as you want. What’s more, you can even choose the different storytelling styles as per your wish. The biggest benefit of storytelling apps is that it is easy to use and you will have your story ready to share with others without any hassle.

Add Photos to Your Story

Some storytelling apps even allow you to add your photographs. This gives a wonderful feel and real picture to your story. You will yourself love viewing pictures that have been clicked at different moments in your life. We all love to write down our thoughts and if there is an app for it that can record it in way of a journal or a memoir, it is brilliant. Also, when we read our thoughts, we can realize what wrong things we did, or how to change perspective, etc.

Helps Finishing a Story

Many people find it hard to create their life stories. For such people, life story apps are a blessing. There are certain apps that also help you do video recordings. This is a wonderful way to create memories for a lifetime. Suppose there is a life-changing moment when your child was born, or you grabbed your dream job, you can early have video recordings of the same. And when you look back it will bring a smile to your face.

Whenever you download a storytelling app there are certain things that you need to be careful about. You should be aware of how the app developer makes use of your private information. This information should not be accessed by anyone without your permission. Always check the privacy details before you go ahead with any storytelling app.

Mentioned below are some points that you must keep in mind:

•    How and where is your private information stored?
•    Whether the information is kept on any third-party website.
•    Can the information be shifted to your storage place?
•    Is there any kind of peril that the developer can charge any fee at any given point to access the data that is data? This means can your information be held at ransom or misused without your consent.
•    Whether the app has a password to ensure that the journal is safeguarded from unauthorized access.

So, keep all these points and download the writing my life story app. At the Living Link, you can have the best app suite that can bring families closer in this digital age.